Time Travel Logs

September 1980

WCBS-News 880. September 11th, 1980.

880 News Time is 8:47 am. Reporting to you live at the September 11th Memorial Service that I can only describe as surreal. Many of the victims of the 2001 attacks, and also the 1993 bombing are present at their memorial.”

And that concludes the unveiling of the monument at the World Trade Center to the victims of the 2001 and 1993 attacks.”

We have a hero of that day in 2001, who also died that day, with us here, who is now a New York Fire Department Trainee. How does it feel to be at your own memorial?”

I have chosen to dedicate my life to rescuing people from burning buildings and if someday I die doing that, that is part of the job.”

It should be noted that the World Trade Center has regular evacuation drills, and the stairway lighting issues discovered after the 1993 bombing have been fixed. Many procedures have been changed in light of the 2001 tragedy, and it is believed that if something similar were to happen, far fewer people would die.”

Chanel 4 News. September 11th, 1980.

Families of victims of September 11th, throughout New England are attending the unveiling of the memorial at the World Trade Center. There is a very different mood among those who lost loved ones 6 years ago, and those who would have died 21 years from now.’


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