Time Travel Logs

August 1979

Meeting of Walmart regional managers.

August 14th, 1979.

Now that we’ve gotten to see the 2006 stores, here are our immediate decisions.

First, the concepts of the 175,000 to 225,000 square foot SuperCenters, which include a full supermarket, is a good one. In 2006, Wal-Mart, in the US, had 20% of all grocery sales, and almost 9% of all retail sales. We will look into building these in the rest of US as soon as possible.

There is also the “Sam’s Club” warehouse club store, where customers pay an annual fee to shop there. We will study this concept.

Our challenges in the immediate future are to supply the New England stores with products they can sell, to provide new products at a low cost to our 1979 stores, and to anticipate and prepare for upcoming economic and market changes.

Congress is about to pass a comprehensive set of laws dealing with the economic issues of the Event. The Supreme Court has agreed to hear an immediate challenge, and to rule quickly, so that economic decisions can be made under a stable system of economic rules. The accounts of New England credit card holders should be usable again at that time.

The decision to have a 1 for 1 exchange rate of 2006 dollars, instead of the 1 per 2.75 that the consumer price index would suggest, means that there will be considerable inflationary pressure in the rest of the US. You should note that in the New England history there was considerable inflation in 1980. There will also be considerable deflation in New England. Assets and debts of New England residents, outside of the region will handled in a somewhat complex manner not yet worked out. We know that corporate assets in New England with corporate headquarters outside of New England in 1979, will be held by those corporations, with split ownership if there had been mergers. Overall stock ownerships in those corporations will have a complex formula still to be decided.

The New England stores essentially sold out of certain categories in the immediate aftermath of the event, and panic buying. What we are going to do now, is find 1979 equivalents for whatever that market requires. We want a full list and description of all items sold, including cost basis, and supplier. We also want a list of possible New England suppliers of any advanced technology items.

We understand that much of the manufactured goods were made in mainland China. While diplomatic relations exist in 1979, we don’t think it would be possible to reestablish that supply relationship in the near term. We want a large number of samples of every item sold in 2006 kept for reverse engineering, and analysis. This applies not only to items with technology, but also for simpler items, where easier and lower cost manufacturing was part of the design.

We will investigate sources for all technological products that were made from 1980 to 2006. So far, we’ve concluded that the Video Cassette Recorder can be mass-produced immediately. IBM is going to introduce a Personal Computer 2 years ahead of schedule. We would like to source a competing product that will be lower cost than their offering. The portable cassette player and radio, called the “Walkman” by Sony is another product we want a source for immediately.

Another item to address is clothing fashions. Will the New England buyer be satisfied with the 1979 offerings? Will any of the future fashions from 1980 to 2006 be sold in mass quantity this year and next in the rest of the US?


Both AT&T and IBM are in the middle of anti-trust suits. The deal announced is the following. Taking into account the history that would have been, the case against IBM is being dropped. However, they are warned that they should be careful not to establish a personal computer or personal computer software monopoly, or the case will be restarted. For AT&T, there will be two companies in the US outside of New England, AT&T which handles the connection and billing of phone calls, and another company which will own all wiring to the customers, and the each switching facility. It will have to offer equal access to all communication companies that want to connect to it, including AT&T.

AT&T will have regulated prices in each market, until competition has been established, at which point they will be gradually deregulated.

For New England, many companies exist, including Verizon which is the successor to New England Telephone and AT&T Connecticut the successor to SNET. All of these companies will continue under their current rules, since a competitive market already exists. However, in each area where there is a wiring monopoly, they will have to offer fair terms to any company that wants to connect to those wires. The two new parts of AT&T will not be combined with AT&T Connecticut or Verizon, although the corporations can decide to merge, as long as the wiring provider is separate from the calls provider.

Cable television is not being addressed yet, but the lessons will be applied to how the industry is regulated. Internet service is likely to be a few years before it is a major industry. The issue of network neutrality will be addressed soon. CompuServe exists now, and provides email service and a network service without being connected to the ARPANET. Congressmen Al Gore and Newt Gingrich are cosponsoring legislation to create the Internet, a civilian version of the ARPANET that was created in 1983 in the history that would have been. Al Gore was quoted as saying “Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t create the Internet in the other history, but I’m sure going to do so in this one.” He is asking for funding to hire Tim Berners-Lee, to reinvent the World Wide Web. Apparently, he was going to invent it in 1980, but it would have taken until 1991 for it to be working, and 1994 for it to be in widespread use.

Gore says that it will now be widely available by 1982.

Pravda August 10th 1979

Recently Western, and especially American, mass news media have been disseminating deliberately planted rumors about some sort of “fall of communism” to take place in 1989 or 1991. As to the theory that 6 US states have somehow transformed themselves into their year 2006 equivalents, we cannot disprove at this time. However, their history shows the results of some reckless decisions made by some of the most senior leaders of the Soviet Union in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s leading to that history.

That is a history, which, if it ever happened, won’t happen now. Communism will be alive and well in 2006, and still a force of hope for the world. We will address each of the supposed historical events.

We are going to propose a treaty of the US, USSR, Iran, China, and Pakistan, of non-interference in the affairs of Afghanistan. The future history shows that right now, without any Soviet interference in Afghanistan, the CIA is already training and arming the people who will cause chaos in Afghanistan in the 1980’s and in the US and rest of the world in the 2000’s. It is in the long-term interests of all peace-loving people’s of the world to prevent this trend.

Poland has banned the so-called trade union “Solidarity”, and Lech Walesa, and other traitors are being re-educated. The Polish government understands that their joining NATO would cause a nuclear crisis.

West Germany will need to understand, that if there is someday to be a reunification of the Germany’s, it will be as a neutral disarmed state, not as a member of NATO.

The nuclear power plants, including those of Chernobyl, are going to be inspected and made secure.

Mikhail Gorbachev has seen the error of his alternate-future ways. He is going to give lectures on how the dissolution of state authority would lead to anarchy, crime, theft, and economic collapse.

They have presented historians that claimed that the policies of Reagan, including his proposal for space-based weapons was going to cause the fall of the Soviet Union. In fact, their own records show that historians in Moscow agree that those policies only extended the length of Cold War.

Channel 4. August 11th 1979.

Planning a trip outside of New England? Remember that there is a 55 miles per hour or lower speed limit on all highways in the US, outside of New England. Also, the right turn on red law starts January 1st 1980. Until then, some places allow it, some don’t. After that, all mainland US states allow it. New York City will not allow it. When you go to a gas station, remember to ask for unleaded gas. Don’t worry if you forget, though, as the dispenser for leaded gas won’t fit into your gas tank.

Mark your calender for the “Big E”, the Eastern States Exposition. It has been held since 1917, around late September. Every year it showcases the products of the 6 states of New England, in the “Avenue of the States”. This year, it is going to also showcase New England history, 1979-2006 along with a technology tent with demonstrations of products that became available after 1979.

Have an ancient Betamax VCR? It actually is fairly popular among the one half of one percent of households that have a VCR in 1979. Maybe this time it will beat out the VHS format? In the last history, it took until 1984 for 10% of households to own a VCR. The first mass-market camcorder for sale was in 1982.

New compact disks aren’t available yet. Philips and Sony were starting, in 1979, to work out the details, and would have had it available in 1982. Now that they can just agree to the format already decided last time, maybe we can start to see some new CD production this year? Note that the CD-ROM wasn’t produced until 1985, the CD RW until 1990, and the DVD in 1996,

Announcement from Intel.

For the purposes of planning by Personal Computer builders, we are presenting our roadmap. As IBM has already announced, they are going to build a PC using the Intel 8086 chip and a lower priced model using the Intel 8088 chip.

The next chip in that series that we are going to release, is the Pentium. We are going to skip 3 major generations of chips, the 80286, 80386, and 80486. The Pentium was originally released in 1993. We intend to sell it in mass quantities by 1985, and have prototypes by 1983. The initial version will use a 1.5 micron process. The original Pentium used a 800 nanometer process. The initial version will be somewhat slower, and have a somewhat higher power consumption than the original.

The 8088/8086 chip will move from 3 micron to 1.5 micron process, and we expect to increase the speed, reduce the power consumption, and reduce the cost of this microprocessor significantly by 1982.

End announcement.

Report from the US Internet planning committee:

Some of the worldwide web content of 2006 and earlier is available by having been in temporary storage on computer storage devices in New England. Other content is produced in New England, and continues to be updated. The libraries of New England have been given grants to maintain their public access PC’s, to acquire spare parts as needed, to provide scheduling of computer use by phone, and to provide 50% of the computer time to persons not residing in New England. In addition, they are being given printers built in 1979 to replace any that cannot be repaired.

The New England Internet content is now being made available to the newly created Internet in the rest of the US. It is available in many universities and some large corporations. The computer program to run it has been adapted for computers that run Unix.

The new PC’s being developed by IBM and other makers, will be able to use modems and display Internet content. However, purchasers are being advised to not buy the 300 baud modems available now, and to wait for the 1200 baud modems, which will be available in large quantity in a few months. Even at that speed, the connection is not very suitable for graphics.

Sears-KMart announcement.

With the merger complete, Sears and KMart stores, will both stock a selection of VHS tapes from the future, as well as VHS players and player/recorders. In addition, there will be a catalog in each store with which you can order almost any movie, and many of the TV shows produced in the New England Future. The content was available either in VHS, or in later formats, and remastered into the VHS format.

Sears and KMart stores are also taking pre-orders of the IBM PC. It comes with a range of capacities and prices. All come with a collection of floppy disks with a Word Processor, a Spreadsheet, an inventory manager, educational software, and games. Setup in your home or place of business, and training are available.

Political News. August 30th, 1979.

Bob Dole, Howard Baker, John Anderson, Phil Crane, and John Connally have all announced that they are not running for the 1980 Republican nomination. Bob Dole said “I can wait until 1996”. That leaves as the major contenders, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, and a candidate from 2006, Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

It is speculated that neither Bush, nor Romney expect to win the nomination, but they each hope that a good showing will result in being picked by Reagan for the Vice Presidential slot.

John Anderson has still not announced if he is going to run for President as an independent. In the New England Future, he did, and received 6.6% of the vote.

For those who have studied the New England Future and wonder about Democratic candidates who had been elected, it should be noted that Al Gore and Bill Clinton are too young to run in 1980.

September 1979


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