Time Travel Logs

April to June 1980

Channel 4 News. April 5th, 1980.

We are reporting to you live at Norwood Kia on the automile in Norwood Massachusetts. This is the end of an era, the last retail sale of a pre-Event vehicle. It is a 2006 Kia Sedona, and it is selling for 150,000 dollars. Its sticker price pre-Event was about 20,000 dollars in 2006 dollars. The purchaser is a representative of a company. It is not known for what purpose.

The Kia dealership has tried to get top dollar for its stock on hand, knowing that no more Kia’s were going to be arriving for the US market at least in the next few years.

Byte Magazine, May 1980.

Processor Roundup:


Intel finally announces the 8087 floating point coprocessor for the 8086 and 8088 processors. IBM also announced it as an option for the IBM PC. Why this, of all the technologies, is actually available later than in the New England Future?

Intel said it was to provide full support to the IEEE 754 standard of New England’s 1985.


AMD, Toshiba, and Hewlett Packard are going to jointly produce 80386 chips, with the later two companies producing PC’s. In the New England Future, Compaq, now part of HP, was the first company to use the processor. IBM and Intel are going to skip this generation of technology and rush toward the Pentium era. Some analysts say it is a bad decision, and that the 80386 was a very successful chip in the New England Future.


Used in the IBM PC. This was the same chip that IBM used in the New England Future 1981 PC. Many 8-bit components already available in 1979 could be used with it. They produced a PC with this chip to ship as many PC’s as possible in 1980.


Used in the IBM PC-AT (Advanced Technology). An 8088 with a 16 bit external bus. Some analysts didn’t agree with IBM’s decision to produce two version of the PC, but it is consistent with IBM’s decision to make the next processor generation be the Pentium. They want to be able to provide 16-bit components and overall faster throughput.

Storage Roundup:

Hard disks:

The IBM PC can be purchased with the Seagate 5.25″ 5 MB hard disk.

For those who really have large storage needs, IBM sells its own Winchester disk with a 70 MB capacity, but it has its own cabinet, about the size of a washing machine.

Floppy disks:

IBM is pushing the state of manufacturing ability with their 180 kB single sided 3 ½” disks.

In the New England Future, in 1981, they sold a 160 kB 5 ¼” floppy disk.

They are also making available an 8 inch 1.2 MB floppy disk, but they are not encouraging customers to buy it, or the huge Winchester disk.

Speech by Ronald Reagan. April 24th, 1980.

And there is another matter that needs immediate attention. The government of El Salvador, is under threat from Communist rebels receiving from Nicaragua. President Roberto D’Aubuisson is doing what he can, but without the help he needs, there could very well be a communist takeover before 1981. After that, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, and even Mexico, could be threatened. I believe we should send arms and advisors to threatened nations, and help them also with development and their economy. We also should interdict arms sent from Nicaragua if we cannot persuade them to live peacefully with their neighbors.

What I ask of you, the American people, is elect me President this fall, and also elect a Republican Congress, so together we can set the world right.

Entertainment News. April 24th, 1980.

J. Michael Straczynski has gotten studio funding to produce a prequel of the Babylon 5 series, which appeared on television from 1993 to 1998, with some later sequels. Bill Mumy and Walter Koenig have been definitely signed, and it is expected most of the main actors from that show will appear, playing the same characters at a younger age.

Entertainment News. April 25th, 1980.

Chapter 7 of the Star Wars series is filming now. All details are being kept under tight wraps.

Star Trek Phase II is going to be shown starting in September. Walter Koenig will not have a regular role, since he is going to be a main character in the Babylon 5 prequel series.

Seattle Times. May 19th, 1980.

Mount St Helens erupted right on schedule, at 8:32 AM May 18th. Mandatory evacuations resulted in no deaths. In the New England History there were 57 deaths. Preparations made to deal with the huge volume of ash for hundreds of miles down wind of the volcano have been successful. The destroyed area was covered with sensors and video-cameras, that transmitted their images by radio before being destroyed or were specially hardened.

Channel 4 News. May 21st, 1980.

Returns are in from Quebec. 51% to stay in Canada. Claude Ryan, leader of the Quebec Liberal Party and leading politicians of every Canadian party pledged that an improved Canadian constitution will provide for recognition of Quebec as a distinct society. Rene Levesque, leader of the Quebecois party pledged that there will be another referendum soon if there isn’t an acceptable Canadian constitution.

Time Magazine. May 26th,1980.

Sears-Kmart is returning to its tried and true, highly successful selling formula: aiming straight for the charge accounts of America’s middle class. They are aiming for solid store brands with low prices. They have added clothing lines by Jaclyn Smith, 5 years earlier than before, and have introduced a line of housewares by a relatively unknown personality, Martha Stewart. They plan to add a clothing line by Kathy Ireland, age 17, to appeal to teen clothing shoppers. For children they are developing a line of toys and clothing with Sesame Street.

The next tasks will be to rein in the huge bureaucracy that has allowed the Sears 864 stores to be run much like medieval fiefdoms. They have begun peeling away layers of encrusted management, streamlining the field organization and centralizing decision making and buying at Chicago headquarters. Earlier this month, the company started an aggressive campaign to keep its 23 million charge customers despite Washington’s demands for credit restraints. It is expected that they will soon turn that charge card into a credit card called Discover.

Time Magazine. June 3rd,1980.

Josip Broz Tito is recovering well from his latest heart bypass operation. He has already outlived himself in the New England Past by a month. Doctors attribute knowledge of his course of treatment from that history, as well as newer medical techniques available from New England for his survival.

There has been a crackdown on nationalism throughout Yugoslavia, including in Slovenia, among Serbs in all republics, and among Bosnians and Croats. Tito doesn’t expect to live to the 1990’s, but he intends to see Yugoslavia on a peaceful course that will avoid the civil wars that engulfed that nation in the New England Future.

Time Magazine. June 10th, 1980.

With the June 3rd primaries, Governor Ronald Reagan has enough delegates committed to him to be assured the Republican party’s nomination for President. Governor Mitt Romney has announced his withdrawal from the contest.

Bush refuses to drop out. In fact, last month, before Reagan had enough delegates to be assured nomination, Bush named former Watergate Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworski to monitor spending by independent conservative campaign committees that help Reagan. Bush is not charging that there has been any illegal activity, but wants Jaworski to watch for any signs that there might be.

To Reagan’s staff, the Bush campaign has dwindled from a challenge to a minor irritant. Says Reagan Campaign Manager William Casey: “Bush is a drain on our time and attention.” But for the sake of party unity in the fall, Reagan refuses to put pressure on Bush to quit. Says Reagan: “That’s a decision only he can make.”

Reagan’s staffers would prefer to be working full time on their most urgent task: preparing for the campaign against Jimmy Carter. For example, Reagan’s personal campaign organization eventually must be merged with the Republican Party apparatus in Washington and in the 50 states, but that cannot be completed as long as the nomination is still being contested.

Channel 4 News. June 12th, 1980.

Our new series is called “Visits from New England”. First up, a 44 year-old Rhode Island resident visited his home in Brooklyn in 1979, shortly after the Event. “Actually it was a little scary. People were eying my car, and I remember there were car thefts where I was growing up. Some kids from my High School came over and asked if I had any advanced technology. I said no, and I made sure when I showed my family my camera phone that the window shades were down.”

In other news, Reagan campaign staffers have been making it clear to the press that former President Gerald Ford is not being considered as running mate. They want to avoid the press speculation that might overshadow Reagan’s eventual choice.

Channel 4 News. June 19th, 1980.

Visits from New England. A family from Augusta Maine visits New York City. “We went for the tall buildings. The Empire State Building, the RCA building, and of course the World Trade Center. The views were incredible.”

BBC. June 24th. 1980.

There are tensions again on the border between the People’s Republic of China and Vietnam. There have been reports of shelling and skirmishes by both sides in the most serious escalation since the brief conflict of February 1979. Vietnam is believed to have 2.6 million soldiers, most of them deployed on the border with China. Vietnamese official Hoang Tung said “We have a colossal army that has received ultra-modern arms from the USSR. We are strong and stubborn. The Chinese ought to think a million times before they attack us again, because we have never been so powerful and determined as we are now.” There are 6,000 Soviet advisors in Vietnam and there is concern that any conflict between Vietnam and China could spiral into a confrontation between China and the USSR.

July to August 1980


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