Time Travel Logs

1954 Part 3

Chapter 3.

Bob Thomas said, “I am going to address the time travel and maybe why me.

In the fictional book I read, there was a military expert who helped 1934 build better equipment for World War Two. There was never an explanation in the book as to why or how he was transported there.

There is no technology in 2008 that can do any sort of time travel, and the theoretical ideas then are not that different than what Einstein would think. If he’s still around, maybe ask him. There was some talk about a wormhole, similar to a black hole, a mass concentration that doesn’t let light escape, but sort of a tube through time, but nothing that could be built, or even theoretically ever transport a person through time.

In the book, there was, unknown to the first time traveler, another time traveler to Germany, who motivated by wanting to prevent Soviet occupation, helps them with technology.

My military technology knowledge is more of an overview than anything you can use to build something. And, as was pointed out, some of what I remember is wrong, I think because I never learned it correctly, or remember it correctly, probably not because this history is any different than mine.

I don’t think better planes or tanks would really help the US future. The situation in Germany, was generally better US quality, but a huge Soviet quantity advantage. It was assumed they would win a conventional battle, but that it would soon go nuclear, and soon result in a full launch of thousands of warheads at cities. So that war never happened.

The Vietnam war, would probably not be helped by better technology. Dedicated fighters, with AK-47’s, wearing pajamas, and blending in with the civilian population are going to be able to cause casualties indefinitely, but not be able to drive off the occupying army, until a political decision is made to cut the losses. In 2008, the US has a similar war in Iraq.

In the Iraq war, the anti-US forces specialize in hidden bombs, especially along roads. The US uses armored vehicles for everything, the soldiers wear armor, and the field medicine is very fast and effective. The other major technology the US uses then, but doesn’t have now is drones, small radio controlled planes, transmitting video. They are supposed to find bombs being planted, but the anti-US forces seem to find a way to plant bombs anyway.

The way the history was going, the US would have a quality advantage in armaments of all types from the early 1960’s right through 2008. I think the world actually got a little nervous, when the US easily tore apart the Iraqi army in 1991 and then again in 2003 more or less ignored the Iraqi army while invading Iraq. In 1991, the Iraqis had a large battle hardened army that fought Iran for a decade, while the US hadn’t been in a major war since leaving Vietnam in 1973.

So, what can I provide? More the flow of history than actual engineering diagrams. Why has a fictional book been made true in another form? I have no idea. Is there another time traveler, or more than one, perhaps in the Soviet Union or China? It is possible, if that book was being used as a source for whatever happened.”

The next day, Professor Robertson led them to a lawn, where some barbecues were setup, and some steaks on the grill. He handed Bob Thomas a beer and said, “We’ve been going at this too hard, let’s kick back a little and take a break.” When Thomas finished his beer, Colonel James handed him another one, and said, “Try this. I was wondering if they taste different now versus 2008.”

One of the guards asked, “How is the music in the future?” Bob Thomas, asked, “How old are you?” He answered, “24”. Thomas said, “You’ll probably start to like Rock and Roll soon, or maybe not. The music of the 1950’s, actually I should say late 1950’s, because I can’t find it on the radio, is Rock and Roll, sort of an energetic bouncy music. Maybe relate it to Boogie Woogie. You never heard of Elvis Presley?” The guard answered, “No, should I have?” “No, not yet, soon though, and Bill Haley and the Comets, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry. Then in the early 1960’s, vocal groups, plus surf music played with steel guitars, then protest songs, meditative music, and music for altered states of mind. Then in the 1970’s mellow guitar vocal music, then loud amplified guitar groups, a bunch of other types. 1980’s music that sounds angry or has a feeling of personal power. Then 1990’s, angst music. 2000’s is too recent for me to categorize.”

A couple of hours later, the tone shifted, he heard someone say, “Don’t let him pass out.” They started asking him, “Should we avoid learning ahead about how to make rockets and better airplanes? It might not be good for history?” and lots of probing questions about his motivations, whether he is holding things back.

The next day, he wasn’t in good shape, Professor Robertson said, “Sorry Bob. We know you said there wasn’t a good truth serum, but based on the way you came to our attention, at least for you there is one that works, beer. Tomorrow you are going to have to go through a lie detector test. We all do, everyone in this group, noone is above suspicion, I think you told us that.”

After his lie detector session, they gave him a shot, then Dr. Chadwell said, “We are seeing signs of evasion about rocket technology, can you help clear that up for us?” Bob Thomas answered, “I feel funny.” Dr Chadwell answered, “Sodium Pentothal Bob, Sodium Pentothal.”.

Three days later they were back in the conference room. Professor Robertson said, “You described a decades long debate about a Soviet defector. What we had to do was head off a decades long debate about you. Some people would say that the most logical conclusion that doesn’t violate known rules of physics is that you were planted by the Soviet Union. You have knowledge of classified information, but good old fashioned spy work can get that, it doesn’t require time travel. You arrived with an extremely interesting device, clearly one that we couldn’t build. The possibilities that don’t involve time travel could be that Soviets or their German scientists really are that far ahead of us, another could be that it is extraterrestrial technology. Extraterrestrials more advanced than us technologically seem far more likely than time travel in terms of our understanding of physics.”

Dr. Chadwell said, “For what it is worth, here are our conclusions after your interrogation. You are human, you are an American, and you believe that you were transported from 2008 by means entirely unknown to you. You have been honest in your descriptions of your alternate future, but you have been holding back a few things you think might be dangerous.”

Story: 1954: Part 4


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