Time Travel Logs

1954 Part 17

“The Soviets requested a summit meeting in Geneva and we have agreed. They want a small meeting, only bringing their head of government, Nikolai Podgorny and their head of the Communist Party Nikita Khrushchev. For our part, the participants will be President Eisenhower and myself” said John Foster Dulles. What do we know of the Soviet leadership? Alan said in April, before the time travelers appeared,  that Khrushchev interested him enormously, that unlike most of the leaders of the Soviet Union he seems to have quite a good sense of humor and that he was the one to watch. This was despite Malenkov being apparently in charge, and Molotov assumed to be more important than Khrushchev in foreign policy. Now in November 1954, we see Khrushchev more clearly being in charge, and someone neither time traveler heard of in charge of the government of the Soviet Union. Furthermore the time travelers said that in their history Malenkov should still be in charge, soon to be replaced with Bulganin, but with Khrushchev as the actual power behind the throne.”

Alan Dulles reported, “Nikolai Podgorny” was in charge of food production in the Ukraine. He is younger than many of their leaders, born in 1903. He is believed to be a protege of Nikita Khrushchev. When I had earlier said that Khrushchev was interesting, it was with a certain trepidation, since he appears to be a more effective Soviet leader, which is not beneficial to us.”

After discussing various topics that might be discussed during the summit the National Security Meeting did a roundup of other recent events. Alan Dulles said, “Our assessment of the Algerian situation is that the FLN attack of November 1st was blunted. We gave the French specific intelligence about the planned attacks, and almost completely disrupted FLN networks in Egypt. We think we may have delayed or prevented the start of a general war in Algeria. This, in turn, should help Western defense interests in Europe in the next few years, as France can be counted on to have more of its army available in any possible European theater.”

At the summit in Geneva, Khrushchev gives Eisenhower a bear hug and exchanges pleasantries, as they then move to meet in private. Khrushchev starts, “I want a very frank discussion with you, on  a confidential basis, not to score points against each other but to deal realistically with the world as it is and with some very new elements in it that we are both aware of.” Eisenhower answered, “I too wish for a frank and private discussion including about new information that we both have”.

Khrushchev “We live in an atomic age, all of us. We are ahead of where we might have been at this time. Our capabilities are simple but can guarantee that many of your cities would suffer 40 kiloton strikes in the event that you attack. We want peaceful coexistence and peaceful competition between different economic systems.” Eisenhower answered, “We too want peaceful coexistence. We have no intention of attacking you. I propose a system to show that neither of us are preparing a surprise attack, that I call Open Skies. That we each fly over all of each others territories with unarmed planes.”

Khrushchev smiled and said, “Remember what I said about not trying to score points? You should save this proposal for public discussions if you want to score points against me, since as you know I would have to turn this down. You have a second strike capability that we could not prevent with a surprise attack. We too have a second strike capability, but for now it is helped by you not having accurate targeting data. You can tell Gary Francis Powers that he is welcome to visit the Soviet Union as a tourist. I will show him around myself. But if he instead trespasses in a spy plane, he will be shot down.”


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